Freshlook Innovation is run by David Furmage, Creative, Digital & Innovation Specialist.

Policy services include developing strategies, policies, programmes and bids for local authorities, local enterprise partnerships and stakeholder organisations.

Business services include facilitating innovation, so businesses can develop and launch new products and services, reaching new customer segments and markets.

Anita Bhalla Portrait Photo

“David has a great track record of working with creative industries not only in this country but across Europe. He has an eye for detail around policy and a great deal of hands on experience. His extensive networks are spread across the UK and beyond.”  July 2016

Anita Bhalla, chair Creative City Partnership, Birmingham

Lara Ratnaraja - portrait

I have worked with David for many years in policy for the digital and creative industries. He is a tireless advocate for the sector, and has an expertise on developing well researched policy both nationally ad internationally.

He has an infectious enthusiasm and innovative programme ideas which make him a pleasure to work with. He makes links and connections with policy and strategy providing a solid foundation for activity that engages digital SMEs to support their growth and development of the sector as a whole.

Lara Ratnaraja, Consultant: Creative, Cultural & Digital Industries