wish mash of reports, graphsReports written or co-written by David Furmage, Creative, Cultural & Digital Industries consultant  & Business & Innovation Growth Consultant.


New Thinking, Essential Change in the Creative industries – Conference Report – David Furmage programmed a Creative industries event on behalf of Creative City Partnership and Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP). This report summarises the main takeaways in thinking from both a policy and business perspective. 2016. Read the report.

Cluster 2020 – Next Generation Business Support in the Creative Industries – Impacts and Outcomes  David Furmage was project lead and co-ordinator on this 3-year €2.2m project which was commissioned by DG Grow and managed through Coventry University. It was part of the European Creative Industries Alliance, ECIA (more details included with other reports below) This is the executive summary of the project, its outputs, outcomes and evaluation. 2015. Read the report.

Creative Industry Friendly Test – This report identifies the factors that make a programme, service or grant opportunity suitable or ‘friendly’ for use by creative businesses. It proposes a test which scores five factors and enables new programmes to be evaluated. Although this report was written by Creative England the concept of developing a test like this came from David Furmage. 2014. Read the Report.

Creative Accelerator Pilot – Evaluation Report – Creative Accelerator is a new approach to creative business support, combining expert face-to-face advice with a set of on-line tools and a dashboard. This report explains the ideas behind the approach and evaluates the results of the pilot which was conducted by ECIA. 2015. Read the report.

Create. Innovate. Grow.Policy Recommendations from European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA) – David Furmage had a significant input into this policy report and its structure. ECIA was a €100m private/public partnership instigated by DG Grow (European Commission) which tested new ideas to support the creative sector. It distilled its work over 3 years and 12 countries into this report of key policy recommendations. 2014. Read the report.

Creative Cluster Excellence: Policy Recommendations to improve the effectiveness of creative clusters and their management – David Furmage wrote this report as part of the European Creative industries Alliance (ECIA) work around developing creative clusters. It was used by stakeholders to get further input into the topic to improve the quality of the final report of ECIA. 2014. Read the report.

Mind maps overviewing European Creative Industries Alliance (ECIA) programme Findings – Nine projects worked together for three years across 12 countries to understand and develop creative and cultural policies that could be applied at national, regional or local levels to support and grow the creative sector. David Furmage created these Mindmaps as a way to quickly scan over all the programme strands and recommendations. 2015. View the PDF.

How Businesses can use Data to increase their Competitive Advantage – Cluster 2020, a €2.2m project run by David Furmage as part of the European Creative Industries Alliance programme, tested a range of new approaches to business support. Three pilots were run to explore how best to harness the power of data within creative companies. This report explains how the pilots worked, lessons learnt  and what recommendations can be brought forward into enterprise policy. 2014. Read the report.

Driving Practical Cross-sectoral Collaboration through Co-working Centres and Stress tests – The European Commission asked David Furmage to present at an industry creative event in Brussels the way that stress testing would be used to improve  the efficacy of the results of the European Creative industry Alliance. 2014. View the Powerpoint.

Policy Context Model for European Creative Industries Alliance – David Furmage contributed strategic thinking to the final planning and delivery of the 12-country collaboration’s policy recommendations by developing this model for discussion. 2014. View the PowerPoint.

Enterprise & Innovation Policy Recommendations for the West Midlands –  Key recommendations from findings of European Creative Industries Alliance for business enterprise and innovation policy. This was requested feedback for Local Enterprise Partnerships as they developed their initial sub-regional  strategies in the UK. 2013. Read this discussion paper.

Growth Opportunities for Creative & Cultural Industries in the West Midlands – A PowerPoint SWOT summary of factors effecting the survival and growth of Creative businesses and clusters in the West Midlands. 2013. View the PowerPoint.

Developing Next Generation Clusters & Business Support – An introduction to the drivers of effective clusters and how to build strong creative clusters in a city or regional context. 2012.  Read this short discussion paper.

CReATE Toolkit: A step-by-step Guide  –  Creative cluster development through ICT innovation. This was written as the main output from an EU project which explored research and foresight trends in the context of the creative industries. 2010.  Read this report.