for businesses, focused mainly in the Creative & Digital industries:

  1. Facilitating innovation for individual businesses, so they can develop new products and services and launch these into new markets.

Working with individual businesses our consultancy services at Freshlook Innovation will help business owners make sense of their strategic plans and then devise a clear action plan to deliver that thinking into reality. We use proven tools to help facilitate this for businesses, for example, Business Model Canvas is a very effective way of helping businesses think through what they need and agree their next steps to growth and future success.

business model canvas overview

Thinking through the 9 Building Blocks of Business lies behind Business Model Canvas

2. Working with groups of businesses we also facilitate Cross-Innovation labs and Innovation Brokerage – bringing different industries and stakeholders together

The focus here is to broker new collaborations between creative and digital industry businesses and businesses or organisations from other sectors  to stimulate the creation of new or improved products and services. This service can be funded through business support intermediaries.

Please contact David Furmage at Freshlook Innovation to find out more about these business services. (opens in a separate tab)